In love

I  had dreamed

Of  how our hands

Will fit

so perfectly together

I  hoped  to

Look at your smile

And experience


I ached for love

As deep as ocean

Looking at your

Beautiful eyes

I was smitten

By the idea of

Waking up

To your face

I looked forward

To the times

You lock gaze with me

And capture my soul

I dreamed of

Not finding someone

Who loved this way

And more

But I was love with

The idea of what

A great love should be

One day, so many stories


The spotted dog and
his master on a stroll
two strangers hand in hand
fading away in the dim light

A haggard looking mother of two,
amidst the overflowing mall,
a bunch of zesty kids
laughing their hearts out

laughs and kisses,
goodbyes and promises,
new hopes and broken hearts,
departures and arrivals

people hurrying past you,
in the crowded subway,
the darling old couple,
flirting on the park bench

that gorgeous smile,
that makes your heart skip,
the vexatious hawker,
selling pretty baubles

billion different faces,
hiding behind lies and fears,
finding truths and choices,
One day, so many stories

I crave


To walk into a mysterious alley,
laden with thrill and terror,
stroll the unknown and unseen,
feel the spook, angst and chills

To walk on bridges and in caves,
to skip a breath occasionally,
with blood pulsing through veins,
heart thumping like it’s the last time

And arrive at a new station,
an idyllic Eden in sun-kissed colours,
or a narrow lane bathed in magic,
to find new loves and lives

My deeper, soulful side craves,
to wander into the uncharted,
to get lost somewhere new,
to breathe the intoxication

That hunger is my siren,
longing for the unfamiliar,
I breathe and crave,
to live and to explore

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